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NONFICTION / Second Semester

Semester Two Book Report Outline: NON-FICTION


Directions:  Write a book report using the following outline.  Your book report should be at least 700 words (a little less than two pages typewritten minimum), and discuss each of the items in this outline.  Each Roman numeraled “part” can be a full paragraph or more.  See the rubric on the other side of this sheet for grading standards.


Book reports for Non-Fiction: (Real Adventure, Autobiography, History, How-To, Essay, Biography, Diaries, Manuals, Etc.)  Do not LIST information: Write in FULL SENTENCES and PARAGRAPHS.

Part I: (at least 150 words)

q       Title, correctly cited

q       Author

q       Genre of book

q       Number of pages

q       Amount of time it took you to read

q       Author’s biography

q       Number of words, approximately: (words per line X lines per page X pages per book)

q       If this is one in a series of books by this author

q       Any unique feature of this book (e.g. pop-up pictures, beautiful illustrations, etc.)

q       If it would be interesting, information about the circumstances under which you were reading the book (duress, the teacher made me do it or I wouldn’t have touched it even with someone else’s hands, a friend recommended it, someone made a bet that I wouldn’t, it was on a long airplane ride, my PSP was broken …)


Part II: (at least 100 words)

q       What was the author’s purpose in writing this book? Is there any political, ethical, or moral point the writer is trying to convey?  Did the author succeed in his or her goal?

Part III (200)

q       What was the main subject of this book? 

q       What was the most interesting part of this book for you?  Why?

q       Identify and explain three things you learned from reading this book (0 words minimum total):





Part IV (150 words MINIMUM)

q       Explain any themes and/or morals of the subject, and any lessons that the individuals involved, or authors offered and learned about themselves and others.  How does this work of nonfiction improve peoples’ lives?  How did reading it help you, or record a change in the life of the author, or in other peoples’ lives?

Part V (100 words MINIMUM)

q       Give your personal evaluation/opinion of this book.  What did you think of this book?  Would you recommend it to others?  Why or why not?  What made you pick it up in the first place?  Are you glad that you read it?  Do you wish that you had read something else?  Would you recommend it to a friend?  What about it really grabbed you … or made you wish you could use it as a doorstop or coaster, instead?  Give it a rating on a scale of one to five, one being worst, and five being best. (At least 100 words)


q       Correct bibliography citation of this book.


q       Complete a ROUGH DRAFT

q       Submit only a FINAL DRAFT

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