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Ms. Leserman's Internet Classroom

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Questions for the Weeks Ahead

Examples of what I might ask you to write about in your composition book in the weeks ahead:

Have you ever realize the error of your ways and changed your behavior? Explain you previous erroneous behavior, what event lead to the change and your current behavior.


We have all received gifts sometime during the year. Reflect on gifts that you have received. What gifts were monetary? What gifts were not monetary? Focus on two gifts that you have received, one non-monetary and one monetary. Explain why both are worthy of note. Which gift means more to you?

What seems to be the major point the author wants you to identify with or remember?


If you could ask the main character two questions, what would they be? Why would you ask these questions?


Did the characters in the work remind you of other people or yourself? Explain your response.

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