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Mrs. Leserman's Book Report Essentials

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Second Semester Book Report Scoring Guide

For Two or More Books



Format BONUS 20     40        TYPED, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt, no erasures/cross-outs, PERFECT

(Option A)                   25        TYPED, but not perfectly according to format, misses elements above


Format                          20         HANDWRITTEN, skipping lines, dark blue/black ink, no erasures/cross-outs, easy read

(Option B)                    1          HANDWRITTEN, single spaced  but dark blue/black ink, no erasures/cross-outs, still can read

20 points                       FATAL                        Too difficult to read, paper returned ungraded


Assignment                   50        Report shows student has researched book’s theme beyond assignment or shows            

40 points                                               exceptional effort beyond grade level

                                    40         Shows student has thoroughly read the book and understands themes at age-appropriate level

                                    30         Report shows student has read the book but missed some important points/themes

                                    10         Report shows student has done some reading, but not much

                                    0          Report indicates student has probably not read the book/ Has copied from dust jacket/ Just seen movie


Assignment                   50        Report follows the assignment, showing what is required, and goes creatively BEYOND it

40 points                       40         Report follows the assignment, indicating student understands what is required

                                    30         Student missed one major element of the report

                                    20         Student missed two major elements of the report

                                    10         Student missed three major elements of the report

                                    0          Student missed four major elements of the report; Work submitted does not follow assignment


Flow                             10         Response is clearly well-thought-out and organized, ideas flow seamlessly

10 points                       0          Report does not follow established outline or is not organized


Mechanics                    10         Book is correctly cited in the book report according to MLA or APA standards taught in class

10 points                       0          Book is NOT correctly cited in the book report


Mechanics                    10         Student provides correct bibliography citation for one (nonfiction) or two (fiction) books

10 points                       5          Bibliography citation at end of report, no more than two errors (2)

                                    0          Student does not provide bibliography citation, or citation is mostly incorrect


Mechanics                    10         Student uses two quotes from the book that demonstrate understanding of the plot/summary

10 points                       5         Student uses one quote from the book that demonstrates understanding of the plot/summary


Mechanics                    20         Varied, correct, and interesting use of words and sentence structure / highly descriptive

20 points                       10         Mostly correct, but little variety in word choices or sentence structure

                                    5          Many sentences with incorrect structure / run-on or broken up sentences, non-descriptive

                                    0          Mostly incomplete, confusing, and unclear sentences


Mechanics                    20         Absolutely no errors in grammar

20 points                       15         Almost no errors in grammar (up to 2)

                                    10         Several errors in grammar (up to 4)

                                    0          Inadequate attention to grammar


Mechanics                    20         Absolutely no errors in spelling / punctuation / capitalization

                                    15         Few errors in spelling / punctuation / capitalization (up to 3)

                                    10         Many errors in spelling / punctuation / capitalization (up to 6)

                                    0          Inadequate attention to spelling / punctuation / capitalization (more than 7)


(BOLD shows an opportunity for EXTRA CREDIT)

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