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Mrs. Leserman's Book Report Essentials

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Poetry Book Reports

Name of Book: _______________________________________________________________


Author: _____________________________________________________________________


Editor, if book is a collection or anthology of poems: _________________________________


If a collection of poems, what do they have in common? ______________________________



What attracted you to this book?  _________________________________________________




Select ONE poem from the collection, which you will describe below.


1.  Name of the poem (or the first line, if the poem has no name), and its author, if part of anthology : ____________________________________________________________________________



2.  Identify the type of poem (be careful, more than one may be true at the same time):

( for descriptions of types of poetry, go to: )


            free verse       sonnet             cinquain          renga               haiku               epic


            love poem       rap                   song                humor              ballad              acrostic


            clerihew          dramatic          sestina                        climbing          villanelle         pantoum

                                    monologue                              rhyme


            tanka               blank verse     ode                  dirge                other: ________________


3)  Does this poem use any of these types of figurative language – If so, give examples:

            A)  Lexical figures of speech

                        Hyperbole _____________________________________________________


                        Metaphor ________________________________________________________


                        Metonymy _____________________________________________________


                        Simile ____________________________________________________________


                        Synecdoche __________________________________________________


            B)  Phonological figures of speech (those making use of sounds):

                        Alliteration (repetition of consonants at the beginning of words)                                     ___________________________________________________________________


                        Assonance (repetition of vowels) ______________________________________


                        Consonance (repetition of nearby consonants from the front of, and within                                  words)  __________________________________________________________

                        Onomatopoeia (words that sound like the noise they make)                                                          _________________________________________________________________


4)  Imagery is the sensory information that the poet includes – how things feel, look, taste, smell, sound.  Give examples from this poem:  _____________________________________________________________________________




5)  Does the poet use repetition in this poem?  ____________  If yes, in what way?  ____________________________________________________________________________


Do you feel that the use of repetition help the poet make his or her point?  _____________


6)  Does the poet use rhyme?  ___________  Do you enjoy the poem more or less because of the use of rhyme, or the lack of it?  _____________________________


7)  What is the rhythm/meter of this poem? 

(go to to find out)






8)  What is the main theme or idea (or plot) of this poem?













9) On a separate piece of paper, write a parody (funny version) of THIS SAME POEM, line for line, using as many of the same key elements as possible (e.g. same form, rhyme, meter, and types of figurative language, etc.) but your OWN theme or idea.  50% credit here!

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