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Ms. Leserman's Internet Classroom

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Antigone Web Assignments

Day ONE in the computer lab:


1)      Start with the BBC’s introduction to the Greek Theater and complete the worksheet.

2)      Creon was a leader faced with difficult decisions.  Sometimes personal interest conflicts with personal values.  Test your mettle as a leader with the following games:

a)      See if you have what it takes to make the tough choices see Who Wants to Be A Victorian Cotton Millionaire.  Watch out, success might require decisions that conflict with your personal values.

b)     Once you achieve victory there, test your mettle in 'Muck and Brass' where you will have to imagine you are running a city at the height of the Industrial Revolution, and make choices regarding the welfare of your workforce and the prosperity of your business. How ready is your conscience for the realities of Victorian Britain?


Day TWO in the computer lab:


1)     Play this game to check your understanding of the plot of this play with The Antigone Game

2)  Test your knowledge with this Interactive Antigone Quiz (40 questions) .  When you have reached the last page, call me to your computer to record your score. 


For Mrs. Leserman's Reference ONLY (unless you're curious):  History of Theater




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