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Ms. Leserman's Internet Classroom

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Creative Writing for Vocabulary

Your Weekly Writing Assignment Using Full List of Vocabulary Words

One Point Vocabulary Creative Writing Assignment


Write a story, article, or essay of any genre of your choice,  using all of the vocabulary words assigned this week. 


Please use the following check-list of requirements, in order to receive maximum credit on this assignment:


q       I checked meaning of words, and word usage is correct

q       I checked spelling

q       I checked grammar

q       Meaning is fluid, or if there is a plot, it is consistent

q       All of the spelling words are underlined

q       I used all of the spelling words

q       Between 200-250 words total and NO MORE!


Additional rules:



1.  It may be type-written according to format (1” margins, double-spaced, 12 pt Times Roman or Ariel, but NOT bold) for up to 10% bonus extra credit!

OR  ...

3.  It may be hand-written, double-spaced (skip lines), in dark-blue or black ink, on white paper, one-side only, no smudges or cross-outs.

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