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A Christmas Carol Vocabulary

Stave One


Benevolence-goodwill or kindness

Caustic-Causing a burning or stinging sensation, as from intense emotion:

Congeal-To cause to solidify or coagulate or to undergo a process likened to

Covetous-Marked by extreme desire to acquire or possess

Credentials-Evidence or testimonials concerning one's right to credit, confidence,

Entreaty-An earnest request or petition; a plea

Executer -To perform; do-To put to death, especially by carrying out a lawful sentence.

Executor-person appointed to carry out the terms of a will

Extinguished-squelched or put out, as a fire


Garret-A room on the top floor of a house, typically under a pitched roof; an attic.

Implore-To make an earnest appeal: To beg for urgently; entreat

Impropriety-improper action or behavior

Impropriety-The quality or condition of being improper 2. An improper or unacceptable usage in speech or writing.

Incessant-unending, constant

Incredulous-unwilling or unable to believe

Intimation-To make known subtly and indirectly; hint.

Lamentation-expression of deep sorrow

Legatee-The inheritor of a legacy.

Livid-grayish blue

Lunatic-. Suffering from lunacy; insane 2.Characterized by lunacy or eccentricity

Misanthropic- Characterized by a hatred or mistrustful scorn for humankind.

Multitude-The condition or quality of being numerous. A  very great number. The masses; the populace

Ominous-Menacing; threatening:

Ominous-serving as a omen, especially an evil omen

or authority

 or nourish


Penance-self-punishment for wrongdoing

Ponderous-very heavy: massive

Rapture-The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.

Replenish-To fill or make complete again; add a new stock or supply to 2. To inspire

Resolute-Firm or determined; unwavering.

Rime-white mass of tiny crystals

 solidification or coagulation-to jell

Solitary-Existing, living, or going without others; alone

Stave-set of lines, usually from a song or poem

Tremulous-marked by trembling, quivering, or shaking. 2. Timid or fearful; timorous.

Trifle-Something of little importance or value

Unhallowed-To violate the holiness of; profane or desecrate

Veneration-great respect




Stave Two


Aspiration- A strong desire for high achievement.2. Expulsion of breath in speech


Brigands-A robber or bandit, especially one of an outlaw band

Capacious-Capable of containing a large quantity; spacious or roomy

Condescension-looking down on someone in a haughty way

Condescension- Patronizingly superior behavior or attitude.

Conducive-Tending to cause or bring about; contributive:

Corroborated- confirmed

Corroborate-To strengthens or support with other evidence; make more certain-confirm

Decanter-A vessel used for decanting, especially a decorative bottle used for serving wine

Deftly-Quick and skillful;

Expend-To use up; consume



Instantaneous-Done or made as quickly or directly as possible

Jocund-cheerful, happy

Jocund-Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality-jolly

Jovial-full of playful good humor

Laden-To burden or oppress; weigh down

Latent-hidden and undeveloped

Latent-Present or potential but not evident or active

Loath-Unwilling or reluctant; disinclined

Lustrous-Having a sheen or glow

Opaque-impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent.

Pillaged-To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; plunder


Reclamation The act or process of reclaiming. 2.A restoration, as to productivity, usefulness, or morality.

Recumbent-Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining

Remonstrated-protested, complained

Reverently-with deep respect

Transition-Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.

Tumult-. A disorderly commotion or disturbance. B . A n uprising; a riot.-Agitation of the mind or emotions

Tunic-A loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, extending to the knees and worn by men and women



Stave Three



Cant-insincere or meaningless talk

Compound-something that is made of several ingredients

Desolation-ruin and waste


Feint-false show; pretense

Heresy-opinion opposed to the established view

Inaudible-not loud enough to be heard


Prostrate-lying with face downward

Rampant-rearing up like a horse: high-spirited

Subsequently- Following in time or order; succeeding.

Ubiquitous-seeming to be everywhere at the same time



Stave Four


Avarice-Immoderate desire for wealth

Beetling-To make one's way or move like a beetle

Beseech-To request earnestly; beg for:

Creditor-person to whom money is owed

Defiance-open resistance to authority


Dominion-place of supreme authority or rule

Dwindle-To become gradually less until little remains.

Essence-The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.

Faltered-To be unsteady in purpose or action, as from loss of courage or confidence

Flaunting-making a show or defiant display

Foreshadowed-To present an indication or a suggestion of beforehand; presage.

Immortal-lasting forever

Inexorable-inflexible; relentless

Infamous-having a bad reputation

Intercede-To plead on another's behalf. To act as mediator in a dispute.

Obscure-not well-known

Odious-hateful; disgusting; offensive


Plunder- stolen goods: loot

Reconciled-adjusted; made content

Reek-To give off or become permeated with a strong, unpleasant odor:

Relenting-becoming less severe

Relents-To become more lenient, compassionate, or forgiving.

Repent-to turn form sin and resolve to reform one’s life

Repleted- well filled

Repulse-To drive back; repel. To rebuff or reject with rudeness, coldness, or denial.

Repute-To consider; suppose. A good reputation.

Revered-To regard with awe, deference, and devotion.

Scanty-Barely sufficient or adequate.

Slipshod-Marked by carelessness; sloppy or slovenly.

Strive-To exert much effort or energy; endeavor.

Tarry -To delay or be late in going, coming, or doing.  To wait.



Stave Five


Amends-To change for the better; improve

Array-to arrange in order 2. to dress especially splendidly

Blithe-cheerful carefree

Borough-Chiefly British. a. A town having a municipal corporation and certain rights, such as self-government. b. A town that sends a representative to Parliament.

Dispelled-To rid one's mind of: To drive away or off by or as if by scattering.

Endeavor-A conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt

Extravagance-The quality of being extravagant. Immoderate expense or display.


Giddy-Having a reeling, lightheaded sensation; dizzy.

Hearty-Expressed warmly, exuberantly, and unrestrainedly

Illustrious-Well known and very distinguished; eminent

Jiffy-A short space of time; a moment.

Jovial-Marked by hearty conviviality and good cheer: a jovial host.

Loited-to hang around idly

Pang-A sudden sharp spasm of pain.  A  sudden, sharp feeling of emotional distress

Peals-To sound in a peal; ring. verb, transitive To sound loudly and sonorously.

Portly-Comfortably stout; corpulent round in nature. Stately; majestic; imposing.

Poulterer-one that deals in poultry


Recompense-To award compensation for; make a return for

Sidled-To move sideways: To advance in an unobtrusive, furtive, or coy way:

Unanimity-complete agreement

Waistcoat-Chiefly British. A short, sleeveless, collarless garment worn especially over a shirt and often under a suit jacket; a vest.

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