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The Cay

We will be working using this pre-existing WebQuest for The Cay


Geography of The Cay:

Use these sites to familiarize yourself with the location of Taylor’s The Cay.   The island of Curacao is a large Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela. These websites include maps of the Caribbean Islands, including Curacao, and an official visitor’s guide to contemporary Curacao. Create a map showing Curacao in relation to Venezuela, and its location in the Caribbean Sea, as well as some major cities on the island, including Willamsted.


On your map, be able to identify the following places: 





St. Thomas

Devil's Mouth


Virgin Islands




San Andrés




Official Guide to Curacao  Both photos and mapping sites to give you useful information about the Island(s) of Curacao NOW.   


Central and South America and the Carribbean  Map of sites you will encounter in The Cay 


Netherland Antilles  in the Caribbean Sea




U-Boats  Information about specific German U-Boats (of the type that sank the ship in The Cay).


Sink Your Own Battleship  (not really educational, but it IS kind of fun)


If we can, we’ll figure out How Big is an Oil Tanker? 


SchoonerMan Schooner & Tall Ship  A great site explaining tall ships and schooners!






National Hurricane Center Track hurricanes with advisories, watches and warnings


Aerial and Satellite Images of Disaster Locations (including hurricane images)


Amazing Tornado and Hurricane Photos Click and the images to enlarge (these make great screen savers)


Major Head Trauma   How many times do you learn THIS in  other English Language Arts classes?


Learn about the Booby (Honestly, I’m not  making this up, it’s relevant to the book  It’s a large, web-footed sea bird.) 


Anticipating The Cay:


The following questions will prepare you for the novel The Cay by Theodore Taylor.


Respond, true or false, and when asked, compare your answers with those of a classmate’s.


1.  I would be willing to save the life of a stranger, no matter who it was.                        True     False


2.  People from different races and religions can never be completely trusted.     True     False


3.  If you lose one sense (vision, hearing), other senses become stronger to make

             up for it.                                                                                                          True     False                           


4.  I could never live with a total stranger                                                                       True     False


5.  I could survive on a deserted island with no fresh water, flush toilets, toilet

            paper, refrigeration, Ipods, computers, electricity, telephones, or ice cream        True     False


6.  I can swim                                                                                                               True     False


7.  I think that it’s okay to hurt people who are from another race or religion      True     False


8.  Basically, I think all white people are prejudiced.                                                      True     False


9.  I would not be willing to risk my life to save the life of a stranger.                  True     False


10.  I think I can learn to live with pretty much anyone.                                      True     False


11.  I would be willing to risk my life to save the life of a friend, but not a stranger.True  False


12. I think all black people are prejudiced.                                                                    True     False


13.  I believe what my parents teach me about other races, religions, and cultures           True     False


14.  Young people tend to be more open minded than older people.                              True     False


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