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Ms. Leserman's Internet Classroom

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Holocaust Resources Online

Electronic Resources for Teaching and Learning About the Holocaust


1.  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

     If you're doing a report, try their PRIMARY SOURCES PAGE

2.   Yad Vashem

3.   Anne Frank House and Anne Frank Center

4. (Memorial Museums in Germany for the Victims of National Socialism)


5. (Auschwitz)

6. (Shoah Foundation)

7. (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust)

8. (Centropa)

9. (Yale Avalon Project) Historical Documents

10. (German Propaganda Archive at Calvin College)

11. Voices of the Holocaust: Children Speak, an interactive Englsih-language web exhibit


12. Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust


13. Surviving Asuchwitz -- Five Personal Journeys  


14. Historic maps of all kinds -- More specific ones for the Holocaust are available at USHMM, above, but this is a good one for other historic maps of interest.


15.  The Auschwitz Album   -- the only pictoral record of what actually happened to people inside Auschwitz

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