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Newspapers Around the World

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It’s really useful and worthwhile to compare different perspectives on the same situation as it is seen around the world, or even in the same place – from different publications! 


A small sampler:


Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonist’s Index – Political Cartoons from around the world!

Political Cartoons as Primary Sources from the Library of Congress, a great source for teachers

It's No Laughing Matter -- Political Cartoon analysis instructional website for secondary students, from the Library of Congress, interactive!



From Los Angeles:

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles’s major newspaper in English

La Opinion – LA’s major Spanish-language newspaper, owned by the same corporation as the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Daily News – Los Angeles’ second major daily newspaper


Worldwide Coverage:

CNN-United States Coverage

CNN- World Coverage

New York Times – Major international newspaper based in New York City

Washington Post – The same newspaper read by those in Washington DC

Jerusalem Post – Israeli news from the Middle East, in English

Al Jazeera – Arab news from the Middle East, in English

Le MondeFrance’s premier newspaper, translated very badly into English (which makes it very French)


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