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Ms. Leserman's Internet Classroom

WELCOME to Ms. Leserman's online classroom! 
This site is for parents, students, and interested cyber-visitors to my ninth-grade and tenth-grade classes at Fulton College Prep in Van Nuys, California, a part of LAUSD.

Greek and Latin Roots of English Program  --  My students should download and install. 

My Homework Page is no longer current , so I now prefer that you go to SCHOOLNOTES.COM, and use the password/zipcode 91405 -- the site really IS usually updated weekly. 


Book Report Website -- Students have four or more major book projects per semester, and this site should help you get through it, even at home..


Traduccion en espanol is available for the entire website through BabelFish.


Reference Page -- Linked in red because it's your dictionary, free books, poetry, grammar, punctuation, newspapers, and other critical references.  Everyone should have a page like this! 


Literary Humor is a webpage dedicated to the kind of humor that English teachers appreciate and like to share with their students.  Okay, it was funny to ME when I put in the links, and it all has to do with literature. Turn the sound up real high, and impress your parents. 


Cheap Tix for Students -- How to get half-price or BETTER tickets to see live theater, concert, museum, opera, and more.  Very impressive date ideas, some of them for free!


Shakespeare Stuff You Can Really Use -- Tested by a real teacher on real students.  That about says it all.  Includes boredom-busting Shakespeare humor links (that make me laugh ... won't guarantee they work for you, but that's a start).


How to behave in class, as if you didn't know.  The most important thing to remember is that there are about 100 points per semester. If you do every thing I tell you to, with a grade of 90% or better, you get a point.  You may re-do assignments for which you miss a point (but NOT assignments that you fail to turn in).  Easy!


Relaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxx .... and listen to a pleasant meditation.  School and life can be stressful.  You deserve it!




Email the teacher at awl6753 @ lausd.net ( you will have to type it in without the spaces and the character after the w is an "el" and not a "one")